"The world is but a canvas to our imagination" ~ Thoreau


Justyn Warner is a Phoenix-based artist working predominantly with acrylic paints.

Originally from Toronto, Justyn spent his childhood playing sports but had a profound passion for art. With a self-taught approach to drawing and painting, Justyn started pursuing his art during his professional career as an athlete. He applies his love for landmarks, from travelling the world, and portraits into his artistic ventures.

Justyn’s work involves countless hours of adding layer upon layer of paint in hopes of creating powerful pieces of art. His paintings bring a subtle sophistication through a unique balance of color, composition and texture. Painting primarily with acrylics, each piece starts with a source of inspiration, either a landmark, portrait and/or abstract but has a large amount of experimentation. Spontaneous application of paint often results in unexpected symmetry in his work, creating bold, yet beautifully balanced art.

Every piece has its own journey and challenges the viewer to draw upon their own emotions and experiences to interpret his artwork.