Rosemary & Co Paint Brushes Review


I've been using Rosemary and Co paintbrushes for at least a year now, and Rosemary brush is the only brush that I use.

The lovely people at Rosemary and Co have sent me a box of brand new Evergreen and Ivory brushes to review for this video.

1. Quality

I have two or three brushes that I've actually been using for close to a year now and they're still in relatively good condition. The quality of these brushes and the quality of the hair that's used, they continue to stay in the formation that I originally got them in.

I love using these brushes because I know what I’m going to expect every time that I use them.

Just one feeling, even an Evergreen, and feeling how soft it is, how the brushes are molded together and put together is just a creation of art in itself.

2. Painting & Use

You can tell the difference between using an Ivory brush and an Evergreen brush. The Evergreen is a very soft, very soft brush. It has a lot of give on the bristles. You can really move the paint how you want it to. You can add some glaze for like acrylics and really move the paint along. The Ivory is a little more stiff. Definitely, I love using these brushes for oil but painting with the two of these is all you need. Just a few flats for whether you're using oil or acrylic and some filberts. Those are probably my top two brushes. I use flats. I use filberts.

3. Durability

Number three, durability. How long do the brushes last? I have tons of brushes that are stashed and they begin to fray within a few weeks of using them, depending how aggressively I'm using them, but most the time, I take care, good care of my brushes. I clean them very well after, and they last me a very long time. I have a few Rosemary brushes that I've been using for almost a year now, and they are still in relatively really good condition. Other brushes that I will use definitely fray very quickly, and then I end up just tossing them in a bin, and I never use them again.

4. Price

Number four, price. These brushes are sold online, so they're not in stores and there's disadvantages and advantages to that. You can't just walk into the art store and you know exactly what brush you want to get and you go and get it. It takes a little time. You go on the website, you order it, and they come pretty quickly. I lived in Phoenix for a couple years and they make frequent visits there to the art school in Scottsdale, so usually, you can go and pick up whatever brushes that you need on hand. You could play with them all. You should see where they're going to be traveling to next. They do lots of traveling. They're all over to get their brushes out into the world but ordering online is the best bet.

When it comes to pricing, I think their prices are a little cheaper than most companies. Their prices are really good. You can compare them to other types of brushes. You could see what brands that you like and compare them but for me, pricing was a huge thing for these guys.

5. Company

Number five, company. Thirty-five years making brushes, handmade brushes, as a small business, I think is a huge accomplishment. The one thing that I really love about the company is the fact to the customer service and the fact that you can DM them at any time and you know that you'll get a response, which is completely different than bigger companies, trying to message them and ask certain questions and all that. Simmi does an awesome job with the social media. I can DM her at any point in time and she actually didn't think I was Olympian and had to Google me to see if I was telling the truth.

They're in the UK. They make all their brushes over there. In terms of the packaging that they send, they send out a good amount of stuff. I usually get a sticker. She actually … Simmi actually wrote me a letter, handwritten letter, get a thank you. Their guide, which is an awesome guide, they give these out for free. I know they just made a new one that I want to get. Then, they do their newsletter type magazine almost that they send out with tons of interviews, tips how to use the brushes, clean the brushes, all those kind of things. The company, as a whole, they just put the time into making sure that makes sure when I open up a box of their brushes, I feel special. Again, big thank you to Rosemary and Co. Simmi, thank you for sending me the brushes.


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