Dimitra Milan is Changing the World with Art


Dimitra Milan, 17-year-old from Queen Creek, Arizona, is a very talented artist changing the world with her art. She paints in an abstract realism style, layered and often provoking a lot of emotions within.

Watch This Video to Learn

  • what it takes to be a skilled artist

  • how to achieve your dreams

  • where you can pull inspiration from for paintings

  • a day in the life of an artist

About Dimitra Milan

  • Website : http://www.dimitramilan.com

  • Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/dimitramilan

  • YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH6amQPBmXxLVaEOa1Z0r0w


Justyn Warner

Justyn is a Canadian-born artist based in New Haven, CT. He is a believer, husband, father, oil painter, Olympian, former pro athlete and avid Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fan. He is ridiculously obsessed with creating and sharing content that actually makes a difference in the world. You can often find Justyn on Instagram at @justynwarner where he posts his expressive abstracts.